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Crystal is a content blocker for iPhone, iPad & Samsung Devices designed to make the mobile web a great experience again.

Crystal blocks Adverts, User Tracking & General Website Annoyances and improves speed, data use and battery life of your device as a result.

Crystal installs directly into Safari and Samsung Internet Browser, so you don't have to change any of your browsing habits.

Just activate Crystal and enjoy a greater web!




4x Faster Web

Removing adverts, popups, autoplay videos and other intrusive ads improves page load times by 4x* on average

50% Less Data Use

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Crystal blocks adverts from being downloaded, saving 53%* data on average. Perfect if you are on a capped plan or have poor signal.

Better Battery Life

Crystal will have a positive effect on your battery life by reducing the amount of network calls and CPU use. 

Improve Multitasking

Webpages will use less RAM, so as you switch between other sites & apps, iOS will be less likely to reload them from scratch.

Secure Your Privacy

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Privacy is important. Prevent your browsing habits from "being passed around like chips at a Super-Bowl party"

Automatic Updates

Crystal auto-updates itself in the background, ensuring you always have the latest blocklist updates.

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Press Quotes

With Safari Content Blockers, Apple is poised to allow users to fight back. Apple has zeroed in on what we need: not a way to block ads per se, but a way to block obnoxious JavaScript code. A reckoning is coming. - John Gruber / Daring Fireball
One concern for publishers is that ad-blocking software may provide users with a better experience, free from auto-play videos and hidden trackers that follow users around the Internet. - Daisuke Wakabayashi and Jack Marshall / The Wall St Journal
The effect of using a content blocker on iOS is, to be honest, something publishers should be deeply afraid of. I don’t really care about advertising actually appearing on sites, I just care about how fast the site itself loads over a constrained connection. - Owen Williams / The Next Web
Webpages should be decluttered of distracting content. Pages should also load more quickly, mobile data allowances should come under less strain and iPhone batteries could also last longer between charges. - Leo Kelion / BBC News
[Crystal is best for] users who just want to turn on content blocking without having to worry with the details. - Sarah Parez / TechCrunch
 I’m beta testing Crystal myself; it makes the mobile web very attractive, all of a sudden. - Charles Arthur / The Overspill
It’s kind of remarkable what a difference is made just by blocking the kinds of scripts that track you across the web. - Nick Heer / Pixel Envy

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